The Danish left-wing radicals seems to have taken a slightly more sophisticated approach to propaganda, compared to their right-wing twins.

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Photo: Anarchists and the far left marching in Copenhagen Denmark.

The left-wing extremist environment in Denmark is characterized by increasing professionalization and internationalization.

Even though the main opponent of the left extremists is still the extreme right, there is an increasing tendency for the far left to associate actions on political issues that not only have broad support in the activist community but a broad appeal in the population as such.

These include issues on integration and asylum policy and climate policy.

The link to political themes with a broad popular appeal means that the violent part of the left extremist environment can operate more anonymously and in the light of the more peaceful activist environment from which they seek to exploit the political and ideological activities of others with the purpose of creating confrontations with the police.

Kontra-ekstremisme – PET

The best known media frequented by the left-wing radicals


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Recent encounters:

Kunne politiet stoppe autonome?

Photo: The “Autonomuos” bombarding Danish police with cobblestones.

Dokumentarer om autonome og politi.

Her masseanholder politiet de “autonome”.

Lars Hedegaard på talerlisten: Fem anholdt ved … – Berlingske

Kamphaner håner Lars Hedegaard: ‘NAZISVIN!’
Rasende demonstranter gav islamkritiker og politiets muskelmænd kamp til stregen i København

PET overvåger venstreekstremister – Politik

PET slår til blandt venstreekstremister – Nationalt | http://www.b.d

Ole Christian Liep Sohn claimed until recently (18. juni 2015) a seat in the Danish Parliament for Socialdemokratiet.

Photo: Ole Christian Liep Sohn, a firm DDR supporter until the very last day.

Socialdemokraterne – Socialdemokraterne.

All the way up to the fall of The Wall Nov. 09, 1989, Ole Christian Liep Sohn literally kept kissing DDR´s Erick Honnecker:

Ole Sohn celebrating DDR’s 40 th. birthday Oct. 7, 1989 in east Berlin DDR.

Den gamle kommunist Ole Sohn bliver socialdemokrat.

Ole Christian Liep Sohn also received millions from The USSR:

Historikere: Sohn må forklare Sovjet-penge – Nationalt

Today Ole Sohn have become a millionaire:

fra kommunist til millionær.

The only old fashioned left wing/communist party represented in The Danish Parliament in 2018, is Enheds Listen EL (The Unity Listing)
At the last election EL received 7,8 % of the votes.
In the opinion polls EL reaches 8,2 % at the moment (week 08/2018)

A potentially violent and terror minded group of left-wing radicals, are the so called “Antifascistisk Aktion”.

Photo: AFA event Copenhagen Denmark.

Antifascistisk Aktion.

Politiet anholder 30 efter urolig demonstration –

Danskere vil smadre topmøde – Nyheder |

Photo: AFA event Aarhus Denmark.

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